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Navn og efternavn: Clara Jensen

Hvilken by bor du i? Samt postnummeret på byen: Copenhagen 2300
Dyr og race: Dog, Cavapoo
Din adresse og postnummer: Female
Ønskes parring/Nyfødt kæledyr: Looking for male to mate with
Skriv informationerne om dyret her.: We are looking for a healthy male poodle (medium is top preference) or cavapoo (F1) to breed with. We are open to all colours, but have a preference for dark brown, or black.

We are fine with dog owners who want payment, a puppy, or another agreement.

It is important to me that the person is willing to get their pet the "DNA poodle tests" (OCD, PRA-PRCD, DM, GM2, NEWS, PRA-rcd4, VWD1) or the "DNA cavapoo tests". It is not a lot of work, just a mouth swab and then waiting for the results. We are also doing the same, and hoping to have results in the near future.

We have no interest in becoming professional breeders, and we will only breed her once, then sterilise her. Ruby will make a great Mum, and her temperament is excellent and we would like to keep one male puppy.

Ruby lives a great life, is BARF-fed, well-trained (with the exception of excited greetings and barking at cows and horses on TV), a great metro and café dog, great recall, walks loose lead, and has lots of enrichment/brain games/trick training in her life. She is well socialised, and gets on well with all dogs. She has no known health issues. I have added pictures of Ruby at 10 weeks and at 16 months.

We are located in København, but willing to travel.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you are interested in discussing possibilities. Mange tak på forhand. If you're Ruby's one-night boyfriend, we look forward to meeting you :)

Udfyld det nedenstående for at få hundeejerens kontakt informationer( Du modtager det på e-mail) Beløbet på 40 kr er et engangsbeløb. Hvis der er nogen som helst problemer, så kontakt os så svarer vi på det inden for 3 timer.



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